Monday, November 08, 2004


Howard is still prime minister, Bush is still president, Arafat is on life supprot, Iraq is having a civil emrengecy, bloggers are giving up in disparation...

Just lsiten to this; (from The Iraq War Was Wrong Blog)

I can't explain it.

I don't know why.

It's wierd.

I can even pinpoint when it happened too. I remember it like it was . It was rather all of the sudden. A feeling of not caring so much about The Iraq War's wrongness washed over me like a spray (ocean). Spontaneously. Inexplicabley. Randomly. I'll tell you exactly when it happened too.

It was right about the (precisely) moment that I heard that Jon Kerry lost the election for the U.s. President of the United States. Yes. Now that I think about it, that's EXACTLY when it was. (Coincidentally)(of course). I just tell you here to give you a frame of time referents for when it happened. (Maybe this will help crack the mysterey)?

At that moment. For whatever reason (which we may never know), at that point the wrongness of the Iraq War (coincidencetlaly) completely lost it's improtance for me. Suddenly and spontaneously it stopped being improtant or relevant or crushial for me to say it and name that wrongness each and every day after day

And from a blogger with 33 links from 23 sources, dozens of comments and no idea how much real traffic because herhis site meter is unplugged.

But really it is REALLY wierd. Even the republicans are sounding miserable. You know, I put it down to election night excess but they've been moping round all week. I mean, you voted for your presnident. Didn't you?

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