Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Juxta position

From my hot news location here, almost 24 hours ahead of the rest of the world, situated on the international date line at an undisclosed latitude, I can confidentially tell you all there is no new news today. Everything is still crap. Fallujah is still crawling with US militia, Arafat is still in a coma, Australia's drought continues (it is raining today actually). There is not really much good news at all. Except for petrol sniffers.

Nope. No new news at all today. the webesphere is probably still divided. All positions dull and tedious and boring as usual. Today, emigre takes the juxta-position.

Lt. Gen. Thomas F. Metz, commander of multinational forces in Iraq, predicted "several more days of tough urban fighting." He said insurgents were "fighting hard, but not to the death.. - washingtonpost.

"fighting hard but not to the death" ? Emigre steps out of the shower and translates; most of Fallujah is empty and US intelligence has boobed up again. Insurgency leaders bailed out days ago. Lingering civilians have died but as always, civilian deaths are unmentionable.

A U.S. federal court has ruled Osama bin Laden's driver was entitled to a hearing to determine whether he is a prisoner of war - cbs.

emigre applies moisturiser

At least 85 civilians have been killed in three days of government air strikes on rebel targets in northern Ivory Coast, rebel leader Guillaume Soro says. - abc.

emigre chooses aubergine over black from the sock drawer

"We will see what happens in the days ahead, but our commitment to the two-state solution on the basis of the road map ... remains intact." - abc (Colin Powell on Arafat).

emigre sips her coffee and reviews Hobbit development.

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