Monday, November 08, 2004


Iraq: Allawi Declares State of Emergency; U.S. Readies For Battle

The declaration by Iraqi interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi of a 60-day state of emergency was read out today by his chief spokesman, Thair Hassan al-Naqib, and translated into English by an aide - rferl.

I heard that english translated declaration of emergency early this morning, half awake as I was, on my shoddy cheap old fashioned clock-radio out here on the southern edge of the sticks. At the risk of alluding to the P-word, the stalled effect was one of ventriloquism.

If I let optimism get away on me I might have a bit of a giggle. After several decades of iron fisted despotism, various beltings from various offshore interests and a year or so on the brink of anarchy someone has finally seen fit to declare a state of emergency. I mean, where has this guy been?

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