Friday, November 12, 2004

The Party is over

Why do I stick with blogger ? I dunno. Perhaps I am loyal. Or perhaps it is because of blockers spell check.

American Secretary of State colon Powell said last week's US election gives President Bush a clear mandate to continue what he called an aggressive foreign policy.

In his first newspaper interview since the election, Mr Powell said the President would not alter or curtail his policies overseas.


I am not sure how much longer this guy is gonna last in office. Especially making statements like "aggressive foreign policy".

Nope, the man is not even bothering to apply lingual sweetener. No hint of freedom or liberty or even a meek little slice of equality. It's all "mandates" and "aggressive foreign policy" and inflexibility and not altering and not curtailing. He is fed up. He cannot even be bothered spinning. "This is what you're gonna get and I'm outa here and there's no chocolate sprinkles and fairy bread left" he might as well be saying.

Also, googol is a most excellent and prophetic tool for determining newsworthiness. Just look at those dates. Very quiet for Mr Powell. Only one reference in the last 24 hrs and only six in the last week. Blockers seem hardly more excited.

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