Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Not getting it - Maroney Abbot & Carr

PREMIER Bob Carr yesterday backed Police Commissioner Ken Moroney's scathing attack on moral standards, declaring: "Respect needs to be taught at home and at a young age".

"there needs to be greater respect for women in our society and respect for each other," Mr Carr said.

The Daily Telegraph

No kidding.

The Daily Telegraph yesterday reported Mr Moroney believed a drop in society's standards had encouraged men to lose "fundamental respect" for women. ...Mr Moroney said parents had to start taking more responsibility for their children's behaviour toward others.

Fine, blame it on the parents again.

"Where that respect factor begins, I believe, is not necessarily in high school -- perhaps it's not even necessarily in primary school -- it begins in the home, in the family"

Well no actually. That respect begins with not treating women like breeding machines. That respect begins with government policy. That respect begins with calling a halt to the tittish mentality that expects women to bloat around nine months pregnant with an unwanted (unable to support because she is a poor single skinflint product of capitalistic modernity) pregnancy just so it can be adopted out to appease Abbott's conscience and be raised to vote for some schtstik like Howard (local reader link) or Howard (offshore reader link) or maybe go off to fight and die in some crap crusade belonging to some futuristic Bush Dynasty. What is the goddamn point of bringing a child into the world with dolt heads like Ken Moroney bloking on about respect. Give me a break.

Anyway, I am making alterations to policy (as introduced here).

Amendment (Population policy); withholding ovaries in protest is strongly recommended. Govt can not have our bloody eggs till politicians damn well get their sh*t together. Stop endorsing war and then perhaps we'll help out with declining fertility rates.

Oh. I have rambled. What I mean to say is, respect for women begins with respecting a women's body. Respect means not dictating what a woman should do with her body. Basically if you're gonna carp on about respect for women you better let her have the right to choose. Otherwise you're gonna look like a two faced lying boob.

And another thing. If Carr is gonna take issue with violence in the home he might want to reconsider endorsing violence at an international level, however subtle those endorsements might be. One wouldn't want to look like a hypocrite. Would one.

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