Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Interesting political system. Ballot tempered by history of popular uprising. It all seems so very democratic, so very...


(Weather conspires to provide peaceful atmospherics for stoic civilians. It's snowing in Kiev now.)


(just heard shifts arranged as snow starts in Kiev square - half of gathered protesters are going home while the other half stay, both halves swapping places in evening).

and divinely augmented.

Once more, this week, the planets from a perfect pentagram. This rare and potent alignment is deeply auspicious.

We all have opportunities now. We all have the ability to make a wish that could actually be granted. We all have something to hope for and some reason to feel that our hope is not entirely in vain.

For you, though, the outlook is exceptionally encouraging. You have spent a large part of your life being intimidated by something you don't completely understand. It is half a memory, half a fear. As you overcome it now, you should start to feel very whole. - Jonathan Cainer (click here).

Picture here.

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