Sunday, November 07, 2004

Plan !!! Cont'd !!!

See maps;

Map 1: Australia political 2004
Map 2: Where Australian Voters Mostly Live
Map 1a: US population distribution
Map 2a: US republican/democrat vote distribution

After protracted analysis and preparation (that is, half a min glance at maps in the paper on Thurs plus three days p*ssing around) I have reached a conclusion.

What do the Australian Liberal party and the US Republican party have in common? I mean apart from barbeques what do they have in common. Allowing pause to review maps and let the implications sink in. Yes. Exactly. Australia's prime minister and America's president have been elected by places where mostly nobody lives. All Australia's biggest population centres and all the US's biggest population centres voted overwhelmingly in favour of opposition parties. Look, peace lovers. There are just too many of you in the cities. You gotta spread out.

The Plan

Everyone who wishes to save the earth from the dark side must go rural and produce children. Yes, peace lovers. It is our only option. We must out breed the neo-cons who have been producing children willy nilly without contraceptives for the best part of two decades and have finally managed to breed enough right-wing voters to set us all back to 1934. There is only one thing for it. The future of our earth is at stake. Go forth and multiply peace lovers !!! And remember the golden rule !!! Four children per couple !!! One for each parent, one to tilt the vote and one spare just in case. Nothing must be left to chance !!! Our future depends on you !!!

Queue in Go West lyrics.

* emigre does not swear, much.

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