Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Emigre Predicts Powell Resignation !!! Two Whole (Week) Days Before News Hits News !!!

We are shocked. By our prophetic prowess. Colin Powell has announced resignation. Only days after emigre imagined it.

While certain mainstream media announcers are announcing how unsurprised they are, it is a bloggers duty to call their bluff. Did the ABC predict it on Friday? No. Did the Sydney Morning Herald predict it on Friday? No. Did the Telegraph predict it (stop laughing)? No. Not even the Telegraph. Or CNN or Fox or any other mainstream media news outlet. This is a phenomena bloggers have long been aware of. Our astute media awareness (bloggers) and honed analytic intuition paired with our inexpensive (and accessible and unfettered by ethical journalistic laws of journalism) methods place us in the prime position to exceed major news outlets by not only reporting news AS it happens, but by reporting it BEFORE it happens.

Emigre last Friday;

I am not sure how much longer this guy is gonna last in office.


The ABC, today, two (week) days late;

The US State Department says Colin Powell has resigned as Secretary of State.

A senior department official has told the AFP news agency that the 67-year-old former general submitted his resignation to President George W Bush last Friday.


Last Friday ! The very day I posted it. As if intuitively knowing. As if somehow sensing the submission of that very resignation as it passed from the (nearly former) US Secretary of State Colin Powell to the current US President. Perhaps sensing the restless sleep of former (almost) Secretary of US State as he lay in bed turning and prepondering (bearing in mind that geographic location places me 20 to 14 hours ahead of US time zone/s). Oh wait, I predicted at 10.51pm Syd Aus time so that makes it (calculating) ... the exact same moment just before the Secretary of State (US) stepped into the President's (US) office with the "thank-you that will be all" letter !

Was that too much? I have to go and brush my teeth now.

Update; clarifying "two (week) days". In the flush of a successfully blogged pre-news scoop I bestow a generous two day weekend grace upon mainstream hacks. In summary: emigre covered it four whole days including the weekend before Reuters did (but lets them off with two).

Update Update; Not boasting. Bedtime now. Back later (with more intuits).

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