Tuesday, October 26, 2004

More ironies

Well well well, a bunch of Americans outraged that some foreigner might be meddlin' in your country's fortune. Nevermind that America feels free to trumpet its free way into other countries with bombs and bullets. Never mind that American politicians assume a personal liberty in telling other countries how to shape their politics. Let's try a little experiment shall we, lets type a relatively neutral phrase into google "america australia interfere politics". There, no sway or slant as to who may be interfering with who, just four simple unbiased words. Oh my goodness, what do we have here, google ranked one on that search;


Both Kerry and Bush interfering in my dry little plot of sunburnt tussock out here on the underbelly of the globe. And a Blog headline no less. Yay for blogs. Well, ok, purely for the sake of balance, a non-blog link; Dear Mr Bush. Please mind your own goddamned business.

Perhaps now you understand what it is like.

(Oh yes, same result when searching "america interfere politics". Noteworthy is it not, that google has a predisposition to throwing up such results. One had to be far more specific "interfere america guardian letter" to find an instance in which America was not the protagonist).

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