Tuesday, October 26, 2004


A gentle reminder. The earths axis. An ethereal spindle. A turning point.

Contrary to that other spin, so recently contrived, the earth's axis is entirely apolitical. The earths axis is in basic terms defined by an imaginary line drawn between two poles around which the earth revolves. It does apparently have a slight wobble. But not nearly the wobble it would have if it were drawn between several points scattered across the surface of the earth, as opined by a certain president in a certain relatively recent declaration of war.

The two poles at each end of our spindle, otherwise known as points a and b through which a line might be drawn in tracing the ephemeral but very real existence of our spindle axis, are entirely devoid of people. Oh yes, there are a few sparse populations in the general vicinity of points a and b, and the occasional traveler, adventurer, commercial prospector or ecologist but these are fleeting and perishable visitors. If one were to place two pins, marking exactly the north and south points of the earths axis, one would not find a single person apart from oneself (oneself being there only momentarily in placing the pins). If one were then to imagine oneself traversing the line between those two pins, through the crust of the earth, through the mantle, through to the core and out again, one would not find a single living human throughout ones entire imaginary journey, except perhaps by some extraordinarily rare chance near the surface (relatively speaking) a mine operator.

An axis, completely devoid of people and of politics. Austerely, beautifully, apolitical.

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