Friday, October 22, 2004

Sham Trial

Firstly, eight years seems hardly long enough.

BAGHDAD (AP) - The highest-ranking U.S. soldier charged in the Abu Ghraib prison case was sentenced Thursday to eight years in prison, the severest punishment so far in the scandal that broke in April with the publication of photos and video showing Americans humiliating and abusing...

Secondly, the prosecuter seems to have missed the point. "Frederick" was doing exactly what he was trained to do.

"He's an adult capable of making decisions," the prosecutor, Maj. Michael Holley, said. "He's an adult and capable of telling, as we learned, the difference between right and wrong. How much training do you need to learn that it's wrong to force a man to...

And most outrageously, the soldier's superiors are still getting away with it. "Highest ranking soldier" my eye, "Frederick" is a wee pawn, the highest ranking is about to run for vice president. Will he be tried?

Frederick admitted that what he did was wrong but told the court Wednesday that when he complained to his superiors, "they told me to do what MI told me to do," referring to military intelligence.

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