Friday, October 22, 2004

Safe as houses

Some countries have all the luck, finding liberation and democracy. What does my country get? A prime minister who wears his moustache above his eyelids and a premier with a penchant for surveillance;

NSW police will be vested with unprecedented "sneak and peek" powers to combat terrorism, including warrants to search properties without telling the occupant they have done so.

Under plans announced yesterday, police will not have to notify the occupant for six months that they had searched the premises. They would also be able to bug terror suspects continuously for up to three months.

Gotcha. "Terror suspects". Mhm. Suitably vague. "Sneak and peek"? Wha?

The covert search warrants would allow police to enter premises, seize property, copy documents, operate electronic equipment and conduct forensic tests. The court could also extend the six-month period in which the occupant need not be notified.

Do I feel any safer? Oh yes, like an East Berliner.

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