Sunday, October 24, 2004

Safe as houses cont'd

Why do I care there is a balance of power in the senate, and a balance preferably balanced by independents or parties other then the co-alition and Labour? Perhaps it's because it helps stem laws such as these being pushed through within one week of elections.

Mr Ruddock will fast-track three security bills, delayed in the last parliament, that give increased surveillance powers to investigators and create new secrecy provisions for terrorist-related court hearings.

He is also prepared to reintroduce controversial powers blocked by the Senate that include powers to detain and strip-search children as young as 12, if they are needed.

Strip search children as young as 12? Oh yes, for national security of course, how silly of me not to notice that strip searching 12 year olds secures national safeness.

And why do I have no faith a Federal Opposition Labour Government will counter these laws? Oh, no reason, except that State Labour Leader Bob Carr seems so intent on implementing a police state in NSW.

The Premier, Bob Carr, yesterday foreshadowed laws to allow police from the NSW Counter Terrorism Command and NSW Crime Commission to apply to the Supreme Court to search a premises without having to notify the occupant for at least six months.

Do I feel safe? Oh yes, about as safe as a Burmese minister retiring for "health reasons".

The abolition of the National Intelligence Bureau law came three days after Khin Nyunt was allowed to stand aside "on health grounds".

Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, who had close dealings with the deposed prime minister, would say only: "I hope he will get well soon."

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