Saturday, October 23, 2004

Google game of fortune

Take one prophet

To an older chief will be born one with dull senses
Degenerate both in knowledge and in weapons
The chief of France feared by his sister
Fields divided, conceded to the soldiers on horses

and one search engine

... He has four younger siblings: Jeb, Neil, Marvin, and Dorothy Bush. ... Bush's loudest critic was French President Jacques Chirac who soon set himself up as the ...

Abdul Rashid Dos-tum ... the Uzbek general who imposed his will on northern Afghanistan from the turret of a tank ... in the approach to the country's presidential election, he had come to politely solicit votes. "I am here because of you," he said ... Then, in a flourish worthy of any western spin-doctor, he leapt on to a horse and galloped away...

Gasp! It is true! Ruin be upon us! Head for the bunkers!

Generate your own Nostradamus Quantrain with the Nostradamus Quatrain Generator.

Also, someone mentioned if a blogger were seeking to make amends with certain exposed parties I should send a few reconciliatory TB's.
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