Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Revisiting the past

I read the comments on Iraq Blog Count for the first time in ages today and was horrified to find Salam Adil fairly much confessing to be posting without focus. The purpose, Salam Adil stated, had been "lost in the mists of time".

Fortunately, Salam Adil’s description of what Salam Adil thought Salam Adil was doing seemed relatively accurate although I would say Salam Adil seems a bit staid about it all. Adil says Adil wouldn’t add military blogs or foreign contractor blogs, Adil may just mean Adil won't link to obviously false US representations. Which is a bit hypocritical.

Although I never actually "counted" blogs of a US military nature I did sometimes link to some soldiers blogs if they seemed to have seen something interesting. I would still certainly be keeping an eye out for that sort of thing although as usual I would treat it all with some considerable neutrality along the lines of this may or may not be so until such time as it was clearly one way or the other.

I have met ordinary people who have happened to be in the military and have said things that have the ring of reality about them. "Off the record - It's shit" one guy told me. And then looked uneasy and glum. Still, having to think about linking to military blogs shouldn't be too much of a problem for you Salam Adil, there seem to be fewer soldiers around with blogs these days. After the Abu Ghraib scandal and a few other incidences, their activities might be a bit more restricted now. Or perhaps PR up on high decided it didn't look so good that there were oodles of US soldier blogs and stuff all Iraq civilian blogs.

Fortunately, blogspot has archives and if anyone really wanted to have a look back at Iraq Blog Count’s formative stages and intent, all a person would need to do, would be to go back to the original first few posts.

About the recruitment drive. That will not be necessary. Iraq Blog Count was never about evangelism.

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