Monday, June 26, 2006

Jeffrey pledges to shut down his blog

It is time for Jeffrey Schuster to close down his blog. By his own words he shall be deposed:

"While it lasted, Cry Me a Rubarb had been the only place where one could go to actually discuss and debate what had been written by the Jarrars and Riverbend.... ra ra ra... comments... importance of debate... email... blow blow blow...

The Jarrar family (Faiza, Raed, Khalid, and Majid) and Riverbend, however, do not have comments pages... etc etc etc

The day they enable their comments pages is the day that 'Jarrars up a River' terminates."

Jeffrey May 21, 2004

His remit is overdue. By about two years.

Majid has comments, Raed has had very popular comments (which Jeffrey and Bruno and all of their pseudonyms ruined) Khalid has had comments on at least three different blogs and has blogged with "the opposition" (an American and a secular Zionist) on at least two blogs and has many comments to this day on his own personal diary. Riverbend claims she had comments once. Faiza is out of Jeffrey's league.

Don't you think it's time Jeffrey, for you to pack up your kit.

In case Jeffrey decides to edit his own promise and pretend he never said he would shut down his site, I have taken a screenshot of his words for evidence and published it below. You will probably need to use a magnifying glass.

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