Friday, November 04, 2005

Calling wolf

This is getting so very nearly funny that I had to start a whole new post. John's storytelling (so many tall stories for such a little guy!) is well, apart from being dull, showing signs of no imagination. He just keeps telling the same whopper over and over again.

Just been listening to one of his dupes on the abc telling all about the "new evidence" and the "filming" and the "borrowed car" in the latest convenient terror scare which is putting Australia on be-aware alert even though there is "no need to panic". Good gawd. This evidence is nothing new. It's a rehashing of the Roche tale.

On June 12, 2000, Ahmed was driving and Roche was sitting in the back, filming embassies with a video camera borrowed from (choose name), a teacher at the Global Islamic Youth Centre in (choose suburb) NSW. He paid most attention to the (choose embassy name) embassy. A voice on the tape, believed to be Roche, urges Ahmed to go slow and comments on the security in the area. If they are questioned, one of them suggests that they say: "We are just trying to get to the mosque. We are lost."

But they were spotted by Jeffrey Harrison, an Australian Protective Service security guard on duty at the sentry box outside the (choose embassy name) embassy gate. He later logged an incident report about the Toyota (or other common car model) with three men taking pictures. Harrison also approached Roche, who by this time was out of the car trying to get better shots of the embassy. "Morning," says Roche, according to the video tape played in court. Roche, pretending to be a tourist, someone interested in architecture, adds: "How's it going . . . Fascinated with the layout of Canberra . . . A bit strange . . . very clean."

"Is that what it is?" responds Harrison. "I didn't think you were going to bomb the joint or anything." "Oh no," Roche says. rest of the tale

Meanwhile the smh are still pretending to be really freaked out by the whole thing and somebody's running around worried that Howard just blew the whistle on a secret operation to catch some mean people about to do bad things.

Oh, plus ASIO is recommending Australians go around filming each other. Good move ASIO, just the way to exacerbate national paranoia. If Howard sees ordinary people hanging about outside his offices with cameras he's really going to flip. Unless he thinks everyone's all lining up for his autograph.

Have to run. That's my schlok of spittle for the day.

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