Monday, September 12, 2005

Fearful Australians

In a free world, people have choice. In a free world all faiths and all secularities (diverse as any religion) together are an expression of greater human goodness.

The world is not free then. Because all over it people are being squeezed. Even out here on the edge of a world which seems to get flatter each day.

The Federal Government's proposed tough anti-terrorism laws are causing mounting concerns among Muslims that they will be unfairly targeted for detention without charge, tagged with tracking devices and even interned.

Melbourne was named as a purported terrorist target last night only hours after Islamic leaders met in Sydney expressing fears for Muslim Australians on the fourth anniversary of the September 11 attacks.

At the meeting, which condemned extremism, several Islamic leaders expressed fears that Australian Muslims were being vilified over terrorism. more

Peace activists are being singled out, and religious groups feel targeted. These "new" laws are not protecting anyone, they are making people feel insecure. Which is just what Howard wants, a paranoid little enclave - where citizen can be turned against citizen and fears are easily preyed on. Anything to destroy the peace, anything to validate Howard's part in the wargame. Anything, to justify Howard's army.

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