Friday, August 19, 2005

No mate of mine

What a lot of rot. All of Australians parliamentarians are hanging on to the vestages of any popular appeal they once may have had by clinging onto one little word. Pitiful.

These guys are not my mates, they are overpaid boys with no sense of comaraderie amoung their own (perpetually trying to trump and oust each other) let alone displaying any fidelity to wider Australia. Pretending to be "mates" is fraudulant. The word should be banned from use in parliament unless they can step down off their pedestools and work in the streets like the rest of us.

Asked if he minded being called mate in Parliament House, Mr Beazley replied "I insist on it". read about Beazley wanting to be mates

And I refuse, to call Kim Beazley "mate".

So there.

Update: even Bob Brown wants to mates! Cripes, never have I seen such unity. If only they could display this kind solidarity on other issues, like "no to war" for example.

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