Friday, August 19, 2005

Howard says "mate" ban impractical

Howard says he might use "mate" all the time and can't function, politically, without leaning on it.

"People will ring me up and I might start off saying 'yes sir' as a matter of courtesy, which I normally do, and then we lapse into it, we might say 'mate'."

Because he is such a happening with it in touch man of the people type dude. I suppose he guessed that some youths only use the word when no other profanity will do. Or when they are taking the p*ss. I guess he must of known that, and he must love it when he gets laughed at behind his back we laugh with him for making a mockery of Canberra. Keep going Howard, it is such fun to see a parliamentarian devaluing democracy so that other people don't need to. Imagine what a lot of money the ordinary bloke/ess could make by saying "mate" on talkback radio after getting elected. How insprieing, perhaps I could stand for election next time too. Maybe I will stand as "the conservative alternative" and help to split his vote some more. I mean help to support his cause. Gee I wonder if anyone else can tell what I'm on about today.

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