Saturday, August 20, 2005

Postmodern on the shelf, for half hour or so

Nice, don't usually recreate other people's writings here, being content to lavish myself with my own mind unraveling, but was just taking a look about and:

It made me a little sad to be surrounded by it all, the secret desperation of people trying stand out and fit in both at once, when there are so many other worthwhile concerns in the world. And I imagined myself leaping up on one of the folding chairs and waxing theatrical with some "Woe!! Woe unto you who are the cutting edge of the Scene! The vanguard of postmodern irony! There is no new thing under the sun and your haircut will no longer be cool in 18 months!"

Because there is nothing enduring about cutting-edge. It is transient and illusory, and postmodern irony is just cleverness without heart.

The shelf-life of fashionable revolutions is short. I think we should just be cool to each other instead of for each other.

(Vanessa in imaginary soliloquy at a "thinking for ourselves" event).

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