Thursday, March 10, 2005

Emperors clothing...

Tempest ponders size;

1-Size doesn't matter when you have to import protesters from other countries

2-Size doesn't matter when you force people (complete schools, in some instances) to join the protest

3-Size doesn't matter when protesters don't really have a choice.

The trouble is, once one begins questioning the legitimacy of one demonstration - one begins questioning the legitimacy of all demonstrations!

One begins questioning the very foundation of democracy itself, Tempest, when one begins asking such questions. One tampers with the fabric of society, one does.

If one unravels the weft, the warp falls apart. And what then will one wear Tempest - strings? Being the eternal cynic, I have had doubts about both demonstrations. I find solace in the fact that there are two different demonstrating groups who have so far managed to go about there respective protestations without firing upon each other (crossed fingers).

Your other dawning I tutterly and otally relate to;

Then it dawned on me... It's for these selfsame pro-Syrians that we're protesting. We have breathed Lebanon's free air, we have walked unchained, we have marveled at the greatness and beauty of our land. We were fighting for them, so that one day, they could stand up on their own. So that one day, they could be free.

I often feel this in my encounters with pro-war partisans online. It's odd, they chew the hell out me on other sites and yet in some leftover way I feel my peaceful dissent is their protection.

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