Sunday, February 27, 2005

More confessions from a self-outed palladiator

So. What was my crime.

What did the lamb do. Oh sweet wee naive wooly one. She tripped along, Merrily, on her little hoofs, thinking naively n' innocently that the world might be changed a little if she chatted with the neo-cons. Dear oh dear. She found one who seemed nice enough. At the time. So, across the bridge she tropped. Little lambly sacrifice, dressed up in her polished toes and brunetted locks.

She even got as far as co-authoring a blog with him. Until he banned her. Cast out upon the streets. Poor little lamb. But! Enough of this! So off cast she the tattered wooly skin and shook out her true goats coat, compressed too long beneath the weight of saintliness's winding-sheet. And pondered she, upon her crime. Her dalliance with faith. For faithful she had been. And nothing wrong with faith itself, more with it's mis-direction. Surely she could have aspired to greater heights. Why oh why did she think she might have found glitter in the gutter.

Anyway. There was that. But that was not all. Oh no. What a hopeless case she was. She was invited another time, to venture 'cross the divide. Goodness knows why. And she nearly sold her soul for it too. My what a big linker he was. All that traffic! Well, he withdrew prematurely and that's all you need to know there. Perhaps he changed his mind when she realised he thought she was... nevermind. Went right off when he realised his mistake.

Wee word to others hoping to seduce the neo-con; dress exotic. They can't resist all that Lawrence of Arabia stuff (the old ones anyway) (this we learned by accident, but it's info worth passing on to the sisters/brothers). Pretend to be interested. Even if you would rather buff your nails. If you want to give one the flick, tell him you just glanced under the office desk and remembered you haven't shaved for two weeks. Best exit strategy. Don't worry, he'll still be panting around later. To get rid of him for good, juxtapose your jewish heritage with Abu Ghraib (no guarantees, he could still be trolling your comments in disguise).

But anyway.

All that wickedness is behind me now. And I have seen the li... oh who am I kidding. I'm still a hopeless idealist. Make links, not war.

(Tscht, folly, pure folly. Or impure, as the case may be).

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