Thursday, March 10, 2005

The clot thickens

How not very odd. Being hardly surprised by much at all these days.

While the White House amplifies it's volume on a steadily receding soap box (what is that roar - could it be real people taking advantage of camped up dissent? More importantly, what is that silence - could it be real people peeking behind the facade?) and tries to pretend to evict Syrian troops from Lebanon (anything to divert eyes from its own occupying troops) one detects an ill concealed bent card up torn sleeve.

As George and Leeza wave limp banners at Syria in rapidly dispersing hot air, one chances upon more records pertaining to outsourced detention. Oh yes, it's that dirty laundry airing itself again.

In 2002, the United States...Transferred Maher Arar, a Syrian-born Canadian citizen, to Syria after having detained him in New York as he was en route from Tunisia to Montreal. On November 4 in Ottawa, Arar publicly asserted that, while held in Syrian prisons for 10 months, he was repeatedly tortured by being whipped with a thick electric cable and threatened with electric shocks. more and more and more and more.

For years the US has been sending people to US funded regimes to do the dirty work that a US constitution can not (would not?) allow. So, why the sudden "clamp down" on partners in crime. What can we surmise from this. If George and Leeza are threatening to take out Syria does that mean the US is going to offload interrogations onto one of the other many regimes that Bush's father compliantly seeded? Or does it simply mean the US has interrogative means closer at hand. Within it's own borders.

Western governments have been quietly outsourcing detention and interrogation for decades. It is a practice manifest at the upper levels of administration, conveniently out of sight of many mid level "public servants" who'd otherwise be appalled, had they any inkling their positions existed within such a framework.

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