Sunday, November 07, 2004

Plan !!! Cont'd !!!

Careful study of US and Australian election results (see maps here and here) reveals a striking similarity in USA and AUS voter distribution.

Non-Australians please note;
Red areas on the Australian map are Labour party electorates, these are the sort-of-good guys who are not really much good at all. In fact I wouldn't vote for them if you paid me to. Blue areas on the Australian map are Liberal party areas. These are the really-very-bad guys who won the election. They lock up asylum seekers and wage war and chop down trees and things. They all, red and blue, have lots of cars and use up lots of oi-er, petroleum. In other words;

Australian Red = US Blue
US Red = Australian Blue.

Oh yes. One other thing. The Liberal party in Australia is not very liberal at all (unless speaking in terms of neo-liberation). The Australian Liberal party is the most conservative mainstream Australian party, apart from a few fringe parties who all the mainstream parties swap preferences with anyway but that's another story.

Confused yet? Yes I know, Australian politics is weird. Whoever is whispering "Orwell" stage left can quit right now, hearing my own thoughts out loud is spooky.

Oh yes, I was going to outline a plan. Will deal with that in the next post...

Next post.

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