Saturday, November 27, 2004

Colour Of Joy

BAGHDAD - Wearing Guantanamo-style orange suits, young Iraqis aged between nine and 18 years sit in Iraq’s sole correction center hoping that the once-a-week permitted visit will bring them the sight of their families through the wire screen.

“I was against it, but the Americans imposed this suit for security reasons. If the detainees escape, they would be easily recognized,” said Wali al-Khafaji, director of the al-Karkh correction center in Baghdad.

“Security detainees”, who are under the US army’s sole custody, have to wear the overalls - which provide a harsh reminder of the uniform worn by detainees at the controversial US military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. A US army spokesman said the US military in Iraq detains 40 minors who fall into this category.

"Security Detainees" ? pfft. Naf marketing spin. To call these kids "Prisoner's Of War" (they are under the US army's sole custody) would mean having to comply with the Geneva Convention. Conveniently for proponents of war naf marketing spliech means the Geneva Convention is breached with clear conscience, by more then just fashion crime.

It's time the UN got it's sh*t together and upgraded it's POW definition. I am so not into locking up nine year olds. Would you trust your prepubescent nine year boy with the US army after Abu Ghraib? (Warning; do not click if not in mood to face).

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