Saturday, November 27, 2004

Smelling A Rat II

So, how legitimate is this?

With their websites and stickers, their pranks and slogans aimed at banishing widespread fear of a corrupt regime, the democracy guerrillas of the Ukrainian Pora youth movement have already notched up a famous victory - whatever the outcome of the dangerous stand-off in Kiev.

The Guardian

It has been bothering me all week. Is Victor Yushchenko really worth revolting for, in the cold freezing snow. Why is this "popular" uprising prepared to settle for so little. Why is the only alternative to Yanukovich a pro-western candidate. If Yanukovich is "unseated" will this "mass movement" simply wither away, the populace returning to tax paying drudgery under just-another-figurehead?

Where is the real spark of independence here. Why does one have the recurrent sense that corporate marketing is appropriating certain so called "liberal" and "revolutionary" traditions for less then liberal ends. Who really are behind Otpor, Pora, Khmara and Zubr. Are ethics compromised by accepting funds from non-ethical party's for ethical purposes. How come it all looks so slick?

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