Saturday, November 27, 2004

Opportunity knock (Smelling A Rat)

"We cannot accept this result as legitimate because it does not meet an investigation of the numerous and credible reports of fraud and abuse"

Colin Powell on Ukraine election results.

One minute.

Does anyone remember this election (USA). Or this one (AUS). Or this (AFG). How come only pro-East fraudsters get overthrown. I mean, what about the rest of us stomped on proles languishing in the West? When do we get funding and Powell endorsement to overthrow our corrupt fraudsters?

Send in your Powell funding applications ! Now ! Get on to it guys ! Strike while the iron is hot. No point wasting time blogging irony, go saddle that horse and get you's some Powell endorsements, the man is ripe for appropriation. Bet he's had a gutsfull of Bush hanging out with Leeza anyway.

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