Tuesday, August 29, 2006

On bearing standards

Whoever was popping over here by proxy to click the "flag this blog for objectionable content" button seems to have changed their mind and unflagged it.

Coincidentally I only noticed after I checked Fayrouz's google cache to see what she has published over the last three months as I have not bothered to read her diary since her post about migrants (the one where she proclaimed to be a good hardworking migrant and all other migrants are bludgers and wear the mark of Satan, which I challenged her on, and which she then threw a wobbly about and told me she was filing my IP to give to the FBI).

What I noticed, when I was looking at Fayrouz's google listing, is that, like my diary once was, her blog seems to now be flagged for objectionable content. Curious, I skim read her google cache and found she has completely flip-flopped from her former "yay the new democratic Iraq thank you America" stance and posted that "it's time to pull the troops out of Iraq". I guess some people might find it tempting to wave this around and announce the pro-war Iraqi blogger republican support base has withered away. But not me. Because frankly I don't trust her as far as I can throw her. She also seems to have turned off her comments completely.

Apart from the FBI threat incident (in which Fayrouz threatened me that I would be "the first to go to the prison jail" - for having merely been sarcastic) I am fairly critical of anyone too keen with the "troops out of Iraq" mantra. It's a cop-out for people who support some wars but not others and I am a pacifist against all wars including civil ones. Besides, it wasn't especially effective during the Vietnam war. People chanted "troops out" for 10 years over Vietnam, hardly a standout war-stopping success, I can't really say I'm keen about Iraq having to endure a whole decade of war just because a stubborn and un-imaginative faction couldn't come up with a better slogan.

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