Tuesday, May 24, 2005

More news from Australia's concentration camps

Veeery interesting. Cornelia Rau has outed herself with the media after her "accidental" detention and near deportation. Up until now, all media reports have painted Rau as a nutter - although some have provided for the possibility that detention may have had something to do with that.

Recently discharged from the South Australian psychiatric hospital to which she was admitted following her traumatic experience at the hands of Australian immigration centre staff, Cornelia Rau faces The Syd Morning Herald "looking healthy and suntanned".

Rau's story; she's an outspoken German Australian, her diary, money and passport were stolen, she wound up with the police, who treated her like shit, slapped her in an immigration detention centre and left her to the vices of detention centre staff, who treated her like shit some more. (For no reason it seems, other then she had no passport on her. I guess the staff were just "doing their job". Like the wehrmacht did).
"I am from Hamburg, Germany, and I have never been treated so unfairly all my life," said Ms Rau.

"I am a German citizen and a permanent Australian resident."

Ms Rau, 39, who came to Australia from Hamburg as an 18-month-old baby and lived in Sydney before she was wrongly detained, said she would seek compensation from the Federal Government for the gruelling 11 months during which she had feared for her life.
Feared for her life.
I was kept in a small cell," she said. "It was a very tormenting experience."

"I don't think [Immigration Minister] Amanda Vanstone would have liked to be in my situation," she said.
Well no, but it's not a bad idea. Perhaps we should put Amanda Vanstone in a small prison cell stripped to her underwear and broadcast live footage of her sleeping, eating, and washing her pantyhose. Voila, new reality telly show.

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