Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Do dead whales float?

Woke from a horrid dream this morning about whaling. During scenes of actual aftermath a dream "voice-over" described in a brief history of whaling practice how slaughtered whales were "sailed" back to shore, the carcass a sort of giant barge. I saw a vat rendering flesh on one and strips of flesh laid out on it's hide - it's own body the butchers work surface.

Won't describe the rest - very grotesque-Bosch. Would disturb gentle readers.

The first whale I saw slaughtered was small - an Orca. It was hunted for eating a seal. The body too small to form a barge.

Apologies, not much room for blogwarped humour on this one except that by 8:45 am on public transport while watching lady reading headlines ("Senate boss blasts PM's monarchy") wondered if it was all an analogy for John Howard's Australia.

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