Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Telling it the dull way. Just how we like it.

You know why I never supported war? Because it's just dumb. A whole lot of bombs and bullets and chemicals and people all killing each other. And I guess that's why I'm not much a fan of mass revolts either. It's just all too sweaty and noisy and loud. Oh yes, I will sit here merrily writing my passage into oblivion, but take to the streets? Alright, occasionally - but not without observing the streets are just another side show. It's like thinking the point of democracy is voting when the real point of democracy is using my/your/our head every day of the year. The point of unity is not just going out every once and a while to all wave banners together, it's about managing to tolerate each other's differences every hour of my/your/our life.

I know the voting and the marching is all inspiring and everything - but these things are just the window dressing. You know, like public holidays. People can't rely on election alone and people can't rely soley on demonstrations to bring about peace. Yes, these things can bring about change - except too often people seem to have no idea about what to do next and are only too happy to leave the next bit up to a handful of other people. Which brings us right back to spot one again. And we can't just go on endlessly holding counter-demonstrations to resolve that - it's too expensive. And people's feet get sore with all the pavement pounding. And their voices get hoarse from all the declamations. And sometimes people end up all disappointed if their hopes are pinned on this one event and it doesn't pan out as expected. This is what gets me in the poo with everyone. By saying things people don't want to know and asking things people don't want to hear.

Unfortunately, it is my best quality, so I'm afraid you're stuck with it.

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