Wednesday, March 16, 2005

I would rather be a planet then a nail

When will humanity see the light. Will it ever.

I guess the trouble with light and humanity is, we are all stuck on the earth and have no choice but to revolve with it as it turns about the sun. Which means when the daylight shines upon us, we cannot see the stars, and when the stars shine upon us, we cannot see the sun. This is a minor dilemma. While some of us on one side of the world can see one thing, those of us on the other side must wait our turn until the earth has moved.

This is fine, so long as we are patient. And seeing as it only takes 24 hours and we live on average much longer, there is no real issue.

If only human change were as benevolent.

The world might be a more peaceful place, if every night before every person goes to bed they think of the people on the other side of the world, waking up. And if every day when every person wakes up, they thought for a moment about all the other people going to rest.

I am sure this would work.

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