Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Turning mud into frogs

Where was I? Started writing a post about one thing and ended up writing about another.

Oh yes. Was just thinking about having an imagination. Sometimes some people mistake this for neutrality. Sometimes. Until they get to know you. Anyway, some people mistake it for a kind of middle ground. But really, having an imagination means being so far out on the margins that even the extremists look like centrists. If you extend far enough past people, past all the petty little nuances and nose thumbing which the web so often seems to support these days, past all the carnage, you will eventually find yourself in outerspace. Say, for example, back in your room all of a sudden. Or way way way out beyond the stratosphere looking down on the earth and watching all those ants bellowing at each other like bulls in a flea circus.

Then, if you look about you, you may notice yourself surrounded by stars all of sudden. It is a very humbling experience, to be a minor composition of blood and bone amoung bodies of light. For a while. Before it's time to go back down there, and start croaking again.

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