Sunday, January 16, 2005

Oh No ! We Didn't ! Did I ?

Ever woken up and cringed with embarrassment remembering half remembered events of the night before? Thought that only ever happened in real life? Well yes, so did I. And I had hoped that it had stopped happening in my twenties. Then I noticed this comment on my blog;

Hi... I've been surfing around the blogs of some of the contributors of iraq blog count, and I noticed something curious I thought you should know. In the comments section of Liminal's Jan.5th post, someone with the ID of 'Tom' commented using your Jan. 6th post. And then added a little to it. Anyways, identity theft bugs me whether in reality or cyberspace, so I thought you should know. Cheers.
And I really enjoy your blogging by the way.
Peace Out

smokey spice

Goodness, how odd.

But I confess, I think one of those comments was me - my warped sense of humour had the better of me that week and I thefted my own identity. Completely unlike my normal dependable self, must have been too much new years spirit. I so hope I haven't embarrassed myself in other unremembered ways. There is a lesson to be learnt in this, do not drink/whatever and blog.

It is consoling however, to know there are people out and about who notice such things. Perhaps there is some accountability online afterall.

Thankyou smokey, for alerting me to my misdemeanors. And please accept my apologies if I have caused any inadvertent offense. Oh one other little weird thing, Smokey - I noticed someone had almost word for word copied your comment on my blog onto Liminal's blog and signed it "Identity theft bugs me as well.

Being an accountable deviant is hard work. I seem to be accidentally offending everyone these days. I have no way of explaining this except to say there are many mysterious things in life and I think the role of House Goblin finally revealed it's importance to me for a day or two by creeping into my browser and leaving a remarkably incoherent trail of footprints across several frequently read websites.

Oh yes, just to clarify - smokey spice and emigre are two completely separate identities in two completely separate bodies. I have no idea who that "Tripoli" is and while I can claim responsibility for one "some other guy" I'm not sure who Tom was, although I have a sinking feeling it may have been, um, me. Sorry (feeling very small). Lim, can you forgive me, um, us (if you have ever contravened the Multiple Identity Polynymic Act you may not mind?). I can't think what got into me, except that one minute I was fending off impostors on IBC and the next moment I had become one.

This is really bad. We have seriously got to do something about it.

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