Tuesday, January 04, 2005


How is individual defined?

Let's see. Not liking labels, could try - "passive anarchy" (hybrid) (self-styled). Seeking to clear the middle ground, on the fringes (far left centrist). Conservative. In a weird way. Oh, and swings. Pendulously. Between wrong and right. In a kind of neutral way (PH). Like vinaigrette, all balsamic and oil (pure olive).

Nope none of it fits. Thinking left to right on a linear graph (with a centered point). Extending infinitely left on the lefthand side and infinitely right on the right hand side.

Now moving slowly slowly backward for a better overall view, till many miles away. A curvature of the line becomes apparent and moving out into the furthest reaches of space the curve becomes a circular rim. The rim of a glass (half empty and half full) and I am sitting running a finger round and round the rim of the glass, listening to it sing.

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