Tuesday, January 04, 2005

New Order Democracy (world)

Yushchenko calls for cabinet blockade

December 30, 2004 KIEV: Ukraine opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko called on his supporters yesterday to blockade government headquarters to prevent his presidential rival, Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich, from holding a cabinet meeting there today.

Hmm. Not sounding especial democratic.

"I call on everyone to reinforce the blockade of the government," Mr Yushchenko said in an address to tens of thousands of his supporters massed in Kiev's central Independence Square to celebrate his apparent victory in Sunday's repeat presidential poll.

Apparent victory? Sharing cynicsm.

"In what country is it possible for a government that has been dismissed to say that it doesn't want to go?"

Resounding peal of irony.

No meeting of an illegitimate government can take place," Mr Yushchenko said.

Illegitimate government? Most democracies just call the losing party the opposition. Then again, most insurgents do away with the opposition. Guess is just to do with whole new world order thing ~ new one party type democracies to match.

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