Thursday, December 23, 2004

Another poor battered ...

Jack asks ~

My question is this: Repeatedly I have seen Saddam's torture chambers used as a way to give a "just cause" to this war. However, as we decry Saddam's torture chambers, we construct and use our own. Does this not undermine our "just cause"?

but then, oh no! Poor Jack goes into battered lefty mode, uttering this (all too familiar) heartfelt plea ~

Please do not dismiss this as a "liberal" or "left-wing" position or question. I am reading events as they will be read from the perspective of history.

Like your site Jack. But why so afraid to unashamedly rejoice in the, erm, liberality of your thoughts?

I mean, heck, I did one of those online quiz thingies thinking I'd wind up centrist or something, but nope slap bang there on the liberal left with Gandhi. And you know what? That felt good! Dude, it is time we reclaimed the left!

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