Tuesday, November 02, 2004

New Map !!! New Country Discovered !!! Middle Eastern !!!

Forget whole new species !!! Intrepid web explorer has discovered whole new landmass !!! Cradled between The borders of Syria, Turkey, Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Jordan rests an entire landmass which has survived completely beneath the radar !!! Dozens of generations of camel mounted prospectors are astonished by the discovery of this new country in a region hither-too considered thoroughly mapped !!! CPA !!! Raised as it is in pale lime base relief !!! A fourth dimension hovering only millimeters above a khaki landscape !!!

Web explorers say they stumbled across the new area while hunting for the cradle of civilisation and were confounded to find this new entity, CPA, where they had expected to find Iraq !!! The CP of A !!! Long live it !!!

Forgive me, but where the hell is Iraq? Can't see the name on the map any damn where. Help. Can't seem to unstick foot from mouth.

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