Sunday, October 31, 2004

Little Hairy Men Update !!! Still Alive !!!

Little hairy men and women may have escaped a volcanic eruption 12,000 years ago and survived...

Roberts and his colleagues have not ruled out the possibility the metre-high hobbits were still running around Flores 500 years ago, or even more recently.

Professor Jeffrey Schwartz, of the University of Pittsburgh, has said the hobbit should not have been classified as a human. But Wood has countered that this is like saying the primitive pygmy elephants are not elephants.

Should not be dismissed as fantasy...

People on Flores have told the Australian team tales of a hairy little people they call ebu gogo, about a metre tall, with pot bellies, long arms and ears that stuck out, who lived in caves on the island until the 19th century. "The possibility of finding ebu gogo alive should not be dismissed as fantasy, because mammals unknown to science do still turn up - and South-East Asia is a particular hotspot for such finds," says Gee.

Could still be alive !!!

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