Thursday, October 28, 2004

Floresiensis - Just The Facts

Anyway, some "just facts" because frankly things are getting a little out of hand. Look, I know live blogging has it's quirks and the downside to being first with the news is the tabloid factual void but some people will post anything. F'rinstance these guys are headlining "Hobbit" remains found in Australia. I don't think you'll be finding too many Indonesians thrilled with that. You know, itsabit like calling Iraq America if you get what I mean.

Wired News seem to have discovered a sub-species. Everyone else (all sixteen) are reporting Homo "Floresiensis". Wired News have Homo "Florensiensis". Erm, okay, well, that must be the same sub-typ-er-group I were focusing on.

The Politburo while progressively embracing science perhaps have some memory hole business to tend to. Tiny, yes. Ancient? Perhaps not. The Syd Morning Herald are reporting that these tiny and perfectly proportioned humans might have died out only 500 years ago.

Oh yes, that cute little picture of Floresiensis man with giant speared rat drapped over shoulder is a bit at odds with first found bones, which belonged to a 30 year old woman. Maybe little naked man more appealing to artist?

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