Tuesday, December 28, 2004


I am before council. My credibility is at stake. How might I assure council of my authenticity ?

I'm definitely not Jim Treacher, you could even ask Jim. He'd probably say "yes that's not me" or he might say "who, never heard of them". But then how'd you know Jim wasn't pulling your leg. Hmm. It's tough. Reminds me of the time I was mistaken for a figment of someone else's imagination. Or the time when Natasha's signature kept leading to Kevin McGeehee's site (I still can't figure out where her own blog is).

You could even check with Vanessa, she'd probably say "yes that's not me" too. Although, you never can tell with Vanessa.

Perhaps if I fess up. It wasn't really this site which I was hoping to transfer to mu - it was this one. I thought I'd test mu out on this blog first though. Blogger has been absolutely fantastic, but managing comments on it is a hassle.

Someone recommended mu.nu to me, for comment managability (urged me to contact you actually).

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