Friday, November 05, 2004

Very Supe-mhm, Writings On The Wall

Have been hearing the most peculiar rumour. Appears to be a perception that George Bush's election (wouldn't go so far as saying re-election. This is the first time he's been president with an actual apparent majority) has given him a mandate to bomb and blithe his way to world presidency.

Never have I heard such utter tripe. I am going out on a limb. Here, you will hear what no other poll has the gumption to say. George Bush has been elected on one premise alone; "you got us into this, you get us out of it".

Bush has been elected by a vocal, suspicious and perhaps more politicaly aware coven of rantbags then any president has ever been. He has been elected on the margins by swinging and first time voters. He has been elected by a handfull of webloggers who pride themselves on independence and chose their target on a whim. He has been elected by a rural and working population who may not tolerate a pomped up return to excess and foreign venturing while they languish underpaid and overworked with an infrastructure on the point of collapse. He is a president who faces the twinheaded spectre of overblown domestic and foreign policy, not to mention budget. He is a president who presides in a world with more media scrutiny then, I would venture, this world has ever seen. He is a president who has bluffed his way through a campaign with words like "Peace" and "Liberation". His minders have painted themselves into a corner by brewing forward thinking catch phrases such as "Unity" with the incremental obliteration of America's constitution. Should the Bush Administration's rhetoric prove little more then artificially generated wind... one can only imagine the impact on those turbines in the Sou'west when spin outmills itself. Damn, I'll be using extra hair product on the gusty days.

If I were George Bush I would be pissing myself with trepidation because if there is one thing a return to conservatism hails it is an insideous backlash to the contrary. George Bush is a president walking on a knife edge and he doesn't have the smarts to walk it alone. If he slips up, misses an advisors que, gaffs, makes too much money (for himself), spends too much money (other peoples) or affords too much bloodshed he runs the risk of incurring more fired up political wrath then has been seen in almost a century of global excess.

Ha sucker. Got elected did you? Welcome to the beggining of the end.

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