Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Plan! cont'd

Thought that was the end? Ha! There is more (cackling hysterically with glee). The majority of current Labour seats have swings of 1.9 to 2.9 % in their favour (except Hindmarsh which won off Liberal with a 1.2% swing). So urban areas, particularly those with a higher Labour swing, can spare 1.83% of Labour voters and still nose past the Liberal vote. Sum;

1.9 to 2.9% - 1.83% = .07 to 1.07 %

Clarified. Because only 1.83% of urban dwelling Labour voters need to move this maintains a .07 to 1.07% Labour swing in the areas they have moved from. Two terms! Six years! Whole Australian political map will be red! Prepare to move peacelovers! (Will work out how to convert red to green later).

Hindmarsh Update; Err, got ahead of myself. Hindmarsh count incomplete. As of right now 84.8% Hindmarsh votes have been counted, the seat is currently held by Lib's, Lab has a .9% swing and the abc are predicting the Libs will keep it.

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