Monday, October 11, 2004


Finally. Stats! Had to buy a newspaper for the best ones though, the web has been crap the last few days. Slow as, if I were a conspiracy theorist I would be certain there was a-foot a wicked plot to thwart me in reaching the masses (which I never claimed to be leaning toward).

The Greens have 7 percent of the vote. Massive! Seven of every 100 Australians voted Green. Fantastic (considering most of Australia is not very green at all but actually kind of a buff ochre colour). Yay. Wahay. 7 percent! By my calculations, with a total national population of 20,192,875 that means 1,413,501.25 people voted Green. Maiella! Think of of the peace rallies Australia could hold with 1,413,501.25.

Got to go. Settling down to a serious plan (which probably involves my real job and not losing it). Back Later.

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