Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Plan! cont'd

See previous plan post and maps. Now for the whopping great saved up secret fact. Even though a 2.6% swing in Australian rural areas is required to produce a Labour government, only 1.83% of urban-Labour-voting Australians need to move to rural areas to swing it! Sum;

8,364,262 / 2.6% = 217,471
(mostly rural population divided by 2.6% = required number of Labour votes)

11,829,500 / 2.6% = 307,567
(mostly urban population divided by 2.6% = 76,235 more votes then required!)

217,471 / 11,829,500 = 1.83%
(number of rural Labour votes required divided by mostly urban pop = only 1.83% of mostly urban pop !!!)

Clarification ~ the number of Labour voters required to effect a 2.6% swing in Labour's favour is 184,014 which works out to 1.83% of Australia's mostly urban population. Only a 1.83% swing is required to sweep the opposition government into office with an astounding landslide dash to parliament!

It gets better. Probably even less then 1.83% of urban dwelling Labour voters need move, because they only need to move to key marginal/swing seats (which have a lower combined population then the "Rest of Australia" total) thus requiring a lesser Labour voting population boost.

one min, have to go pluck eyebrows...... ok. back.

Alright, it's a little bit more involved as swings vary slightly from seat to seat and the Northern Territories are a largely rural area but you get the picture. Send queries re relocation quota's to; emigreimagine@relocation dot etc and she will let you know where to go, if she's not busy imagining up something else.

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