Saturday, October 16, 2004

Netfasting for Webloggers

After all these wars and elections bloggers will be needing a good sp'ritual cleansing. A virtual fasting.

A bloggers Ramadhan needs careful thought and timing and should perhaps take place during a moment of seasonal respite. It will need to be squeezed in somewhere between political rituals and various other fastings, feastdays and commercial festivities. Which doesn't leave much room really, but i'm sure we could fit it in sometime mid to late November/early December.

As with Ramadhan original the webloggers Ramadhan will be marked by the rising and setting of the sun and by the waxing and waning of the moon. With a few minor adjustments. Net-fasting will begin with the setting of the sun rather then it's rising. From the time the sun sets till the time it rises all webloggers will abstain from blogging about politics. As webloggers are extra-ordinarily conscientious and will be working at their real life jobs by day, never dreaming of blogging on employers time, this leaves two or three narrow windows of opportunity for political blogging;

1. At sunrise before departing for the business parks.
2. At midday during lunchbreak.


3. At days end just prior those dim twilight hours after which all webloggers, globally, one after another as the earth rotates upon its axis, will switch off their pc's, close their laptops, put away their palm pilots and gaze out at the emerging stars, flickering much as an old fashioned modem might, in the dusk.

Of course there is the time zone effect. Webloggers will be able to read the meanderings of another or compose their own but exchanges between different time zones shall be mediated by the sun and moon so that a pause for reflection occurrs between the one blogger waiting for their daytime turn and another awaiting their evening respite. Writing about anything else may be published during evenings as long as it is a-political. This is going to require either a great effort in restraint or a great effort in subversion, as a-political rules out almost any topic bar swapping recipes and singing little tunes to one another.

In the evenings bloggers will be free to listen to soulful music, write poetry, cuddle loved ones and get a good nights sleep.

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