Monday, May 16, 2005

Howard not interfering...

Johnno just wrote a letter to the Indonesian prosecutors in Corby's case (girl being charged for drug trafficking in Indonesia, big stink, major news deal in Aus everyone thinks she's innocent and now Howard's trying to get a bit of the action - just like he did by not pretending to be a green last week);

Howard gallantly caging his bets as usual, rushes to Corby's defense;
"I cannot interfere in the justice system of another country. It's fundamental to our system of democracy that the executive arm of government doesn't interfere with the judiciary... more
Oh goody. We'll remember that next time he tries to pretend to change other peoples regimes with W'ya and W'md.

How the man can participate in the devastatation of an entire country on an entirely different continent in the name of democratic intervention, but claims he can't assist one of his own citizens in his own region because of international borders is beyond me.

Clucks and shakes head.

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