Saturday, May 14, 2005

Howard tries to snare Green vote

Too funny. Johno threw a tiff at reporters the other day because Bob Brown is the darling of the environment and Johno wants a bit of the action;
"Everybody's an environmentalist, but it seems in this country the extreme Greens represented by people like Bob Brown assume some kind of undeserved monopoly of concern about the environment and if you don't match what they demand then you don't care about the environment," he told reporters.

"Well I am sick of that point of view and so are a lot of Australians who vote for my party and also a lot of Australians who vote for the Labor Party."

Well it might have worked with stealing One Nation's vote - but I'm not sure you'll ever get the green vote, John.

Still, isn't it great to see the green movement making an impact on Liberal rhetoric! Keep at it Bob.

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